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YHWH’s Unique Time-Piece


YHWH’s Unique Time-Piece


(Diane Covher, author) In many of the sources I have read, there was an element of evolutional thinking in the progress of man. Ancient man was looked upon as underdeveloped, superstitious and ignorant. How arrogant we have become. I believe we are the ignorant ones. We have been duped through the generations that we know it all - We have ascended to heights way above our ancestors in knowledge - when really we know less than they did. Can any of us rattle off the constellations and explain why they are up there? Do we know how the sun and moon work together to point out the month and season we are in and follow them through each mansion? Do we understand the positions and phases of the moon and why they even happen? Without this information we cannot know His true appointed times. 154 pages

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