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The Flat Earth Archival Proofs of William Carpenter


The Flat Earth Archival Proofs of William Carpenter


“Parallax,” the Founder of the Zetetic Philosophy, is dead; and it now becomes the duty of those, especially, who knew him personally and who labored with him in the cause of Truth against Error, to begin, anew, the work which is left in their hands. Dr. Samuel B. Rowbotham finished his earthly labours, in England, the country of his birth, December 23, 1884, at the age of 89. He was, certainly, one of the most gifted of men: and though his labours as a public lecturer were confined within the limits of the British Islands his published work is known all over the world and is destined to live and be republished when books on the now popular system of philosophy will be considered in no other light than as bundles of waste paper.

This book includes: "100 Proofs That The Earth Is Not A Globe"; "Is The Newtonian Astronomy True?"; "The Bible and Science";  "Science Versus Christianity"  (160 pages)

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