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The Collected Works of Enoch the Prophet


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The Collected Works of Enoch the Prophet


The Collected Works of Enoch the Prophet

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With renewed interest in the character of Enoch the prophet, I decided to publish in 14 point font not just the R.H. Charles Oxford translation of the Book of Enoch and the Richard Laurence translation of the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, but compile with them such obscure sources as the recently 2005 discovery of the Greek Account of Enoch the Prophet, the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls fragments of the Book Of Enoch and Book Of The Giants found in 1947, the broken Manichean Book of the Giants, The Midrash of Semhazai and Aza, and the Kebra Nagast 100. It is my opinion that providing all of these sources together in one collection would better assist those seeking to understand more completely Enoch, his life, and involvement with the Watchers and Giants. This manuscript better expounds upon the context of the few texts we still have of those he left for us in greater capacity and clearer regard.

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