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Skyfall: Angels of Destiny


Skyfall: Angels of Destiny

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Sages throughout history have wondered about the necessity of life and what's behind the essence of our being. What's beyond death's door and does a part of us surpass its boundary? How does Christ fit in with what awaits and how is that connected to dreaming? Is there a judgment which dictates our eternal inheritance and is that forever decided by one lifetime or multiple embodiments?

Skyfall answers all of those questions and details the reader's place within creation as a creature voyaging through the Creator's paradise. It expounds upon the larger questions of life, like who we are, why we are, and what life is all about that were begun in Zen Garcia's 6th book, Sons of God. This book will help the reader to make sense of our true role and mission, elucidating why it is important to make the kingdom one's priority, and ensure one's good relationship to Christ and the Father; which in turn ensures one's salvation and inheritance of eternity. 

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