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Serpent Seed: The Children of Perdition


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Serpent Seed: The Children of Perdition


Serpent Seed: The Children of Perdition

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Whereas in the Book of Jasher, Naamah is the daughter of Enoch from Adam's line and the mother of Shem and Japheth, in this story she is cited as the daughter of Lamech and the mother of Ham. In this second story, the Lord God tells Noah to take Naamah of the line of Cain as wife specifically as a measure of preserve their seed through the flood that was soon coming to destroy the wicked. And so was Noah married to two separate Naamah's, one the daughter of Enoch and the other the daughter of Lamech?This possibility certainly seems to be what these two books are leaning to in revealing to in revealing though no one can declare such with certainty.

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