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Is the Earth a Globe?


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Is the Earth a Globe?


Is the Earth a Globe?

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“Is the Bible from Heaven? or is the Earth a Globe?” First published as a 95 page soft cover book in 1890 to expound upon these questions. The 402 page second edition was released in 1893. We release this 160 page modern edition of the second portion of that book, Is the Earth A Globe? for new consideration. In this portion Gleason disproves the arguments generally advanced in favor of the so-called Copernican theory, and then proceeds to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt, that the earth is not a globe, that it does not move or rotate, that the sun moves, that the moon is not an opaque or non-luminous body, etc. The writer shows to the satisfaction of common sense that the modern universally accepted and taught theoretical astronomy, which claims the earth to be a globe, revolving around the sun, etc., is based on very weak arguments indeed, and that, on the contrary, it is not at all antagonistic to true science to accept the teachings of the Bible as they read. - Lutheran Witness, April 21, 1891

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