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Illuminati: Protocols and Secret Covenant


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Illuminati: Protocols and Secret Covenant


Illuminati: Protocols and Secret Covenant

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Over the centuries, the 13 Illuminati blood-lines connected to Cain have successfully procured and centralized wealth by utilizing strategic marriage, controlled inheritance, and the ponzi scheme of central banking. Careful to only intermarry with other elitist families they have come to control most of the wealth and power of the world. The power of their Satanic blood-lines are such that they print the money which is used by the central banks of the world to sustain commerce through all of the oil conglomerates, media groups, defense contractors, entertainment companies, and pharmaceutical groups owned by them in mass. They use as perfected method nation building and by loaning money to puppet dictators, are able to strap countries with debt, and then using fiscal reserve lending hire all of the transnational companies owned by them as means to create a stock and commodities market to then centralize, manipulate, and steal the rest the other wealth of various citizens in all parts of the world.

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