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A Prodigal Biography


A Prodigal Biography


The story of a young man's coming-of-age In accepting Yahushua as Savior Messiah and recognizing The LORD God's WORD as revealed through the Scriptures of the Holy Bible as both inspired and 100% prophetic. In this book, Justin shares the journey of his personal testimony and awakening in realizing the Gospels written about the history, life, and resurrection of Christ are real and true. Sharing the story, he also shares and acknowledges that most of the mainstream churches have been led astray by involving themselves in paganism and idolatry and are unknowingly deceived into worshipping an antichrist and counterfeit Messiah, the enemy and adversary of humankind.

Justin ends his testimony with a critical warning to mankind while exposing false doctrines in the church such as hell, tongues, and the rapture.

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