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The Great Commission I, II, III Bundle

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The Great Commission I, II, III Bundle

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Discount on The Great Commission I, II, III & save $10 on postage at check out. (Soft cover)

Great Commission I: Acts and Gospels of the Apostles - In the authorized 66-book King James version of the Holy Bible, there is only one Book of Acts. The missions and accomplishments of the majority of the apostles as they were sent out to different parts of the then known pagan world, are not greatly detailed within the canonical material. To get a better sense of what they underwent and overcame in supporting each other on their journeys, I decided to compile this book of forgotten, forbidden, and lost manuscripts for the public consideration. In a broader sense, it will also present to you the importance of women in the outreach and ministry of Christ. Though most have been lost to the annals of time, their incorporation into the stories of the apostles is not only intriguing but critical for understanding that women played an important role in the establishment of the early church. (398 pages)

Great Commission II: Acts and Gospels of the ApostlesIt is my role to announce the times and to aid those of you interested, willing to listen and to seek it out for yourself that this is the era which all of the prophets and apostles wrote about. We are to recognize the signs and the seasons, called to serve one another in bringing forth the grand awakening as most will be swept away in the strong delusion. We are here for a higher purpose, there is reason unknown to most to the meaning of life and this incarnation. It is that remembrance that I am hoping to bring you to awareness. (382 pages)

Great Commission III: The End Times Apocalypses -  compiled this book of last days manuscripts so as to enable the modern researcher, quick access to all of the materials I thought relevant for seeking discernment on the end-times. Many of the books included within this assortment are texts which much of the world does not know even exists. I believe that the materials included within this book will better enable one to understand the fullness of the timeline established by Yahweh Elohim for concluding the second world age. In preparing the world for the harvest gathering, judgment, and separation of the wicked from the righteous which will conclude with the return of Yahushua, in setting up who would be worthy for entrance into New Jerusalem for the coming millennial reign. (432 pages)

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