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May 2018 NEWSLETTER | Volume 2, Issue 10
Rosh Chodesh - May 16
Sabbaths from Enochian Calendar: 23, 30
Shavout / Pentecost: May 24

From Zen, "I hope everybody is having a fantastic spring. Here in Atlanta we have already moved into the heat of summer. There’s been little to no rain but a hope of shower for this upcoming Tuesday. "
NEWSLETTER CONTENTS:  SWP Special & New Publications / Purpose Filled Travelers / All Things Zen - Mid-May Updates  /  Laurel - Health & Medical Insurance  / CJ - A Parable / May Enochian Calendar

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Thank you so much for all of your support!
Book of Earths: CJ Austin finished editing and formatting this book which is an interesting examination of the ancient beliefs of peoples worldwide in regard to the cosmology and the shape of the earth.

Those aware of the geocentric nature of our universal system and how the luminaries are contained within the solid structure of the firmament will, when reading this book, gain a great insight into some of the ancient traditions.
Even though the author is a heliocentrist, she brought forth an unbiased presentation of these traditional beliefs without skewing or filtering it through the Copernican model.
Parables Of Joye - On A Georgia Farm: We have released Dr. Joye’s latest book. We will also be rereleasing within a week, the 2018 updated two-volume set of Eden: The Knowledge Of Good And Evil 666. Dr. Joye has expanded in insertion so much new and critical information that it was necessary for us to divide the book into two portions. Because of this effort, we have decided together to increase to 14 point font, the book to so that it will be easier to view and read.  
Zen's daughter-in-law, Joy Garcia, just finished a compilation of serpent/dragon worship and flat earth books. We will soon be releasing in compilations these manuscripts. The first books, a two-volume set - A Flat Earth Collection I and II, will feature four texts, The Midnight Sun and Sea Earth Globe by Zetetes, The Enlightenment of The World by John G Abizaid, and The Museum of Science & Art, edited by Dionysius Lardner. 
Because Zen's focus has been distracted in aiding Dr. Joye with her new and revised publications, he has had to once again delay the release of The Ancient Prophecies Of Christ. However he is getting close to feeling comfortable releasing it to the public. Once done with all of this editing work, Zen will resume work on the Ancient Prophecies book as well as the third book of the Great Contest: The Sons Of Anak. He also plans on releasing in book form the notes and pictures of Dr. Stephen Pidgeon and his Global Versus Flat Earth Debate, held here in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2017. This conference was hosted by Stephen and Jana Ben-noon of Israeli News Live. For those of you that missed the conference, all five hours of the debate and question-and-answer session, have been uploaded fully to our YouTube channels endeavorfreedom and ZenGarcia.  They are now freely available for your viewing pleasure.
And for those of you authors who have books in the publication process with us & for those who are considering authoring, this most apropos quote from Genevieve, “Being a procrastinator AND an aspiring writer is like........... the hardest thing!"
Justin & Joy Garcia - Fundraiser Update

We met our goal!

Thotchan Baptist English School and all of us who are partnered with them at Sacred Word Publishing and Endeavor Freedom Inc. want to say that we thank God for moving in your hearts to find this needy place and to plant a good seed in it.

Being the only school in the village is one thing, but hosting other children from the other small communities scattered throughout the mountains of fareast India is another. There is a demand for growth and development in the eager hearts of the unfortunate youth.

We are so thankful to God for the inspiration given to all the donors.Praise YAHUAH! The Holy Spirit placed it on a single person to provide the full funds of the library project. Without knowing the final cost, our brother in Messiah and fellow Biblical cosmologist, who requested to be unnamed, donated the exact amount required for the construction of the library. Praises to The Most High!

With the construction of the library, the staff will be able to store books and create lesson plans, bringing an unprecedented quality to the education and nourishment of the Naga youth. The excess of the donations will go towards the orphanage in neighboring Ukhrul, India in support of their program to bring more endangered children from across the border in Myanmar/Burma to the safe haven of Spring of Hope Orphanage. We pray you are well and blessed, sowing seed and preparing for harvest. 

Much Love,
Blessings and Peace,
JustinJoy aka Purpose Filled Travelers

[You can contribute to Justin & Joy's ministry through Endeavor Freedom (501c3- 75-2984665), our non-profit organization, was originally created to support the work that Zen did as an advocate for people with disabilities. Having experienced a life changing accident, he continues to support those who find their lives altered in various ways. 100% of your donations go directly to support (administrative assistance from SWP is volunteered). We will provide a receipt for your tax records.]
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RADIO PROGRAMS - check Zen's Facebook for updated details

Momentary Zen - Revolution Radio - Studio B - Wed. 8-10 Eastern
Secrets Revealed - Truth Frequency Radio - Thurs. 9-11 Eastern

May 20th: Johnny Baptist on Blogtalk Radio
Zen Garcia - Mid-May Updates

Next Monthly Gathering

We will be gathering on May 27th at 10:30 AM, the fourth Sunday of this month at my friend pastor Kevin’s outdoor Braselton Church in the Woods. 

And immediately thereafter meeting at Ruby Tuesday here in Winder Georgia at 12 noon, for our monthly gathering and lunch discussion. Look forward to seeing you all there and thank you always for your support.

Cryptocurrency Markets

Those interested in getting involved in the Cryptocurrency space, it is my opinion that now is a good time to do so, as the markets have corrected slightly, having dipped down to at one-time 8300.  Both the relative strength Index and the stochastics indicator also show that the market is currently oversold.

Besides that there has over the recent weeks been an almost daily reporting on channels such as CNBC, about the creation of an ETF (electronically traded fund) pulling together 10 of the most dominant, well respected, and widely known Cryptocurrencies. Not only are banks like Goldman Sachs and the New York and NASDAQ stock exchanges, scrambling to provide and exploring options whereby to provide their clients ability to buy, sell, and hold Cryptocurrencies. Other platforms like Gemini, which was created by the Winklevoss twins, the first Cryptocurrency billionaires, are also seeking capacity to funnel institutional investor money into the Cryptocurrency markets. Currently there is not an well-established platform for doing so. But when this capacity is created and institutional money begins to flow into the markets. Most certainly this will be a boon for current price point. We may never again visit these levels if some are correct in their forecasting calculations. 

As of now, the only way possible to enter and have involvement within this space, is to personally open a Coinbase account, link it to one’s personal funding source like a credit card or bank account, and then purchase directly one of the four coins which are offered in selection there - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. If one is wanting to take position in any of the other hundreds of coins available, one must first transfer from Coinbase to one of the Cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Kucoins, Bittrex, or Gate.IO, some amount of one of these dominant coins (BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC).  Only then will one be able to on the exchanges, swap them out for these other Cryptocurrencies.  This is why they are referred to as Cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also  on the exchanges that one will have the ability to view and conduct advanced technical analysis for determination of whether that moment one is trying to purchase or sell a coin, is a good entry and exit point. I will soon create a series of short videos to explain how to differentiate with these advanced technical indicators, assessment of such exact determination.

In quick review, one must first sign up with Coinbase, and after linking a funding source, purchase from them one of the four major coins offered there.  After having done so, one can then withdraw and send to one of the exchanges, those particular coins bought from Coinbase.  One can then trade them out for the hundreds of others available on the many different exchange platforms. Different exchanges offer and list different coins so if one is interested in a particular one, you will have to see whether the exchange you joined holds it for trade.  

I recommend individuals join Binance, not only because they have the cheapest fees (0.05%) but because they are the largest and most utilized public exchange worldwide. I have made available in referral link some of the exchanges that I have joined.  Should you decide to join any of these aforementioned companies, I would appreciate you using the referral links listed below. It does affect one personally in any manner, but in the case of Coinbase, rewards users and the one making the referral, $10 in free Bitcoin once one has deposited $100 into one’s account. 

Kachai Village English School Library

I wanted to announce also that an anonymous donor funded completely the building of the Kachai Village English School library, for which our nonprofit was raising money. I asked that all of you please pray for blessings upon this individual and the many others who support

Endeavor Freedom Inc. Such tax-deductible donations are passed on 100% to support the many charities which we are aiding. Also know that we do not have any hired staff. The administration is completely volunteer and should you provide donation, we will between January and February of the fiscal year, send out to you a tax-deductible receipt of those annual amounts. If you have given money to us in the past and have not received such a writeup, please contact us directly so that we can send you such documentation immediately.

Laurel Austin - Health and Medical Insurance
When the Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010, many of us faced the same dilemma.

For my family, it was our Blue Cross Blue Shield, which was already set at a $10,000 deductible per person per year
going from a rate of $315 a month to $1753 a month. This was more than our family could afford, especially since being holistic in nature, we rarely ever saw a doctor. Our medical insurance was only there for that…”what if an unexpected, unforeseen tragedy should happen.”  

So, we cancelled our insurance and ended up with astronomical penalties at tax time in April. What to do? You are going to pay either way..may as well have something to show for it.

I was once again on the hunt for a solution. It was then that a family told me about Christian Healthcare Ministries, which is what I still have in effect to this day.
Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is a nonprofit health cost sharing ministry through which Christians voluntarily share each others medical bills. It is not an insurance company. CHM is based on Galatians 6:2 “carry each others burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” 

To be a CHM member, participating adults must be living by biblical principles, including abstaining from the use of tobacco and illegal use of drugs (1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.) There are no restrictions based on age, weight, geographical location or health history.

CHM has 3 main programs from which you can choose. Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Membership is also based on units. One unit is one qualifying individual, two units are two qualifying individuals, and so on.  

Gold membership is $150 per unit per month, silver is $85 per unit per month, and Bronze is $45 per unit per month. The children of the household are all together considered one unit. For example, a family of 2 parents and 2 children would be considered 3 units, and with the Bronze program, would cost you $135 a month. *This program does not cover prescription drugs or doctor visits.

CHM also has an additional program designed for catastrophic medical bills called “Brothers Keeper,” defined as bills exceeding $125,000 per illness. This low-cost program involves a variable quarterly fee and a $40 annual nonrefundable fee per membership.  

You can apply for membership in CHM and Brothers Keeper by using their secure online application, or a paper application you can send in by mail. Their website is at There is no waiting period.

If you do decide to join CHM, it would greatly be appreciated if you passed along my name, Laurel Austin, along with my membership number 237571 as a referral. For billing questions you can reach CHM at 1-800-791-6225.

There is also spiritual support with CHM. As the body of Christ reaches out to each other in times of need, there is a prayer list in the monthly newsletter and a member gift form in each statement. You can also encourage each other using the CHM Facebook page.  

I hope this low cost measure to maintain a level of peace of mind in the event of serious accident, as well as satisfying the Obamacare ACA requirement, is of benefit to any of you seeking another option. 

Peace be with you all, Laurel
CJ - A Parable (Inspired By Zen’s Roses)
Just as deposits from chemtrails left blackspots on rosebushes, consuming the leaves and decimating the buds, leaving the life of the once thriving bush in doubt, so too life’s circumstances can unexpectedly descend on us, causing darkness and doubt. But, with time, tender care and proper nourishment, the bush draws strength from its roots; and with unparalleled support, pushes forth new growth, new leaves and new flowers more fragrant and colorful than ever before. So too we draw strength from friends tending to our wounds, surrounding us with prayer, smothering us with the Spirt of the Most High, filtering down to our roots, bubbling up scripture, music and inspiration. And once more evil is conquered, Light prevails, and we live to bloom another day. Shalom!
 “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19
“Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds” - Jim Morrison

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