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MID-APRIL 2018 NEWSLETTER | Volume 2, Issue 8
Rosh Chodesh - April 16
Sabbaths from Enochian Calendar: 23, 30

[Editor’s Note: Freezing rain pelting the windows, realizing spring is delayed again, I am delighted to find a conservatory close by with much needed comfort of greenery, color and warmth! As all of us wait for the Great Day of Homecoming, we hope you enjoy a little respite reading through this mid-month's newsletter.]
NEWSLETTER CONTENTS:  SWP Special , Google+, Book Reviews / Purpose Filled Travelers - Library Funds / All Things Zen - April Meet-Up; Cryptocurrencies / Justin's Adventures  / CJ - Dispersing Doubt  /  April Enochian Calendar

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[editors's note: It's rather new to me, but all of you helped me learn FB, so with your help and patience, I am sure I can master this too. After all, no one should ever really retire!
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Justin & Joy Garcia

We are helping to raise funds for a library to be constructed and filled in the poor town of Kachai Village, Manipur, India, home of the Naga people. They are an ethnic group who have been oppressed by the Indian government for decades by militaristic, economic, and governmental forces including torture, taxes, and regulations
that leave the children of these villages struggling to find supplies for education. This issue is just now coming to light as a call for support echoes throughout the video which reveals the underclassed people's struggles and joys.
Please consider donating!

You can learn more about them in this video.
[editor's note: you can contribute through our Endeavor Freedom site: Choose "Purpose Filled Travelers"
[Endeavor Freedom (501c3- 75-2984665), our non-profit organization, was originally created to support the work that Zen did as an advocate for people with disabilities. Having experienced a life changing accident, he continues to support those who find their lives altered in various ways. 100% of your donations go directly to support (administrative assistance from SWP is volunteered). We will provide a receipt for your tax records.]
4th Sunday, April 22 – Meet Up with Zen Garcia
If the weather is nice and sunny, at 10:30 I plan to join my friend pastor Kevin and his congregation for an informal church gathering conducted outside in the woods behind his house.

At 12:00 we will then meet at the Golden Corral restaurant buffet here in Winder, Georgia for fellowship and discussion on all topics.

If any of you are interested in any of the books that we have published through I can bring them to the luncheon and autograph them free of charge for you. This would discount the shipping costs should you be interested.
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Zen Garcia - Cryptocurrencies 
Those of you that have followed my work for a very long time know that I have never made recommendations or even spoken about things which were financial in nature. The reason I have never done so is because my concern has always been, and will always be on the kingdom and our spiritual inheritance, rather than the matrix of illusion and the carnal aspects of world. 
Throughout the 11 years of my broadcast career, I have never recommended that people hold precious metals as a hedge against inflation and the uncertainty of the fiat currency world.   
It is with such trepidation that I am now for the first time encouraging all of you to listen to a show I recently did on cryptocurrencies. I would then like you to listen to a show from an expert on the field as he shares the same sentiments as I with regard to block chain technology. It is my opinion that the decentralized block chain infrastructure will remove the power and authority of regulating currency away from banking institutions like Goldman Sachs and place it back again into the hands of the people.

The fight that Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy waged against the centralized banks, has been revolutionized by the crypto currency markets. And though there has been a large run-up in the price of bitcoin and other crypto currencies, a 70% correction has now brought the prices of individualized coins back to within reach of new investors. I recommend an entry near 6400-6600 BTC as this bottom has held 3 times over the past months. I expect larger players and institutional money to enter the market sometime later this year. This means you still have an opportunity to enter the market at what should be somewhere near the low before the market stabilizes and begins to gain upward momentum as it did last year before this crash.
It’s my opinion the infrastructure for investing in this medium is only now being developed. Just as we witnessed 20 years ago with the development of the Internet and the establishment of companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and other major companies which benefited from the establishment of the World Wide Web, infrastructure is once again being established in this new technology. We are now at a place where every day normal people can participate in the manifestation of something which, like the Internet in scale, will become an integral part of everyone’s lives.
I am recommending that everyone at least learn a little bit about the space and what it could mean for you and world. There is an unique opportunity present for you to become knowledgeable about block chain but that some of you may find this difficult because of your concerns with whether this technology has any connection to the Mark of the beast.  Crypto currency as a platform has fast-tracked capability to send money across the world to people in other nations from days to seconds, reducing the fees of such transaction from 10% to down to mere pennies. I believe that should one decide to invest even a small percentage, 1 to 5% of one’s discretionary funds, money one can afford to lose without any deeper repercussion, that there will be opportunity over the course of this year to increase possibly one’s initial investment 10x, 50x, and perhaps even 100x. Iit is often in this market that certain coins read such growth in single hour or single day.
Know that I am not a financial advisor and am in no way giving financial advice, but I do encourage people to listen to the two shows listed below and to consider what I and this expert are speaking about within them. There is a potential for individuals like ourselves to utilize the knowledge and the foresight that we have with regard to the very real possibility of there being challenging times ahead to protect ourselves and our families. We have a chance to invest into this technology so that we are able to grow our wealth and possibly prosper in such way that we can each support and our independence in a way unimagined until now. This asset class can, if learned correctly, on the turn-around gives us each an ability to move money across borders if necessary to protect ourselves and our financial security.
With that being said, I am also attaching referral links for those of you that may be interested in learning more about how to enter this market below so that you can join the different websites you will need to access the crypto currency exchange. Right now less than 1% of the world’s population even knows about this information.

For those of you that are disinterested please just ignore this message. But I do encourage all of you to at least listen to the two shows. Those of you that do take interest, if you have any questions about how to involve yourself in this space and you are wanting to take advantage of the study that I have placed into this platform, just contact me and I will do what I can to assist you.  The link for joining coinbase will provide you with $10 free BTC when you join if you use this referral. The others will give you access to those particular exchanges.

2nd hour of this video:
Teeka Twari

Adventures in Faith - Flight to Beijing, China

I always pray during turbulence, during takeoff and landing. Once I was in the bathroom as turbulence hit. I made zig zags as the plane lost and gained altitude at such a rapid rate. As I exited the lavatory, the flight attendant, a tiny young Chinese woman, was just taking her jump seat. She looked at me with extreme fear in her eyes, as if she had so much to lose and pointed at a handle for me to hold onto. I smiled, held the bar for a few seconds to comply with her demand, then walked back to my seat undisturbed. 

Prayer can be done at anytime, including while one is using the bathroom. In fact, I praise The Most High often for having a functioning bladder and intestines and body. After experiencing things such as UTIs and seeing the disabilities of my grandfather who passed from cancer and Dad who has lived over twenty years as a quadriplegic, I know, like many of us do, that health is not to be taken for granted. Just like the flight attendant, I hold life precious and pray during the turbulent times in the air that I would be given more time to continue pushing forward with the ministries I’ve been led to do, and I know The Most High is fully capable of preserving His Elected Servants. Yet, I also know that to die is gain, so if it is my time, my prayer is that His Mercy would cover me with a White Robe. 

Most importantly, we should always give thanks for answered prayers and every blessing we experience. Sing praises and bless The Most High! Kiss The Son! 

"For to me to live [is] Christ, and to die [is] gain." Philippians 1:21 (KJV)

CJ Austin - Dispersing Doubt
“For from within, out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts…” Mark 7:21
Reading through Zen Garcia’s (2017), The Great Contest II: Enmity Between the Seedlines, I was vividly reminded how important our thoughts are. Zen shares a passage from the Kebra Nagast, illuminating the power of the evil one to affect an individual’s mind and establish doubt. From this doubt, people are then opened to accept ideas that satan and the fallen angles can implant, causing us to be more open to sin (pg. 156-157).  
Now SATAN hath no power whatsoever, for he hath only what he maketh to germinate in the mind; and he cannot grasp firmly, and he cannot perform anything, and he cannot beat, and he cannot drag, and he cannot seize, and he cannot fight; he can only make thoughts to germinate silently in the mind. And him who is caught by the evil mind he prepareth for destruction; and if [a man] hath conquered the evil mind he findeth grace and hath a reward which is everlasting. – Kebra Nagast 100
The Most High never leaves us defenseless; He leaves us instructions for combat. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.” Isaiah 26:3  Shalom!
“Seekers of lost paradise seem fools to those whom have never sought other worlds” - Jim Morrison

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