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This site is dedicated to publishing revelatory truth and assisting other authors to do likewise.

Guiding Beliefs

Our Guiding Beliefs 


  • We are dedicated to publishing His revelatory truth and to assisting other authors to do likewise. Our authors devote their research to Truth, unaffiliated with institutional bias.
  • Our company believes in the Biblical premise of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and caring for the poor, downtrodden, orphan, veteran, disabled, widowed; and thus, we have dedicated 10% of all profits that we accrue to supporting the causes which we support through our nonprofit, Endeavor Freedom, Inc. 501c3 (75-2984665) whose mission is, “To do the work of the Kingdom in setting the captives free.”
  • Our hope and prayers are to guide others in pursuing the truth. “[Blessed is] the wise man who [sought after the truth, and] when he found it, he rested upon it forever and was unafraid of those who wanted to disturb him.”



  • We publish revelatory truth from many diverse areas
  • Our authors explore Truth in its many facets, unaffiliated with institutional bias
  • Each book published, we promote without reservation
  • We do not necessarily agree with all our authors’ viewpoints, but we believe the ideas are worthy of our readers time and consideration
  • We maintain high standards for well written material
  • We pray others will be blessed in their quest for discerned Truth
  • We do not discrimination on the basis of: race, creed, ethnicity, national origin, gender