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This site is dedicated to publishing revelatory truth and assisting other authors to do likewise.

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Zen Garcia, with his son, Justin James Garcia, founded Sacred Word Publishing Company, dedicated to publishing His revelatory truth and to assisting other authors to do likewise. Our mission is to print the truth of the Lord God's word found in the many ancient texts spread across all cultures and peoples of the world. 

As an online bookstore, SWP strives to reveal both sides of every coin. Our authors devote their research to Truth, unaffiliated with institutional bias. Our goal is to lovingly spread the Word of Truth to reveal a new perspective on reality. We strive to open an avenue by which all individuals may share testimony through written form for fellow seekers searching for hidden treasures underlying earth's greatest mysteries.

We offer a variety of services for prospective authors and dedicated readers!

Our authors and editors have published books of most significant value such as the Aramaic/Palestinian Targum. We preserve these ancient, esoteric texts and provide them at a substantially low price!

The catalog of titles at Sacred Word Publishing also contain rightly-dividing-commentary on literatures of antiquity, Christian testimonies, anthologies of poetry, current events, and more. We pray you will be blessed in your quest for discerned Truth, in Yahushua's Name.