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This site is dedicated to publishing revelatory truth and assisting other authors to do likewise.

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Find out more about Zen Garcia and Sacred Word Publishing

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Zen Garcia, with his son, Justin James Garcia, founded Sacred Word Publishing, dedicated to publishing revelatory truth, and to assisting other authors to do likewise. Our mission is to print the truth of YAHUAH ELOHIM's word, which can be found in many places, including ancient texts spread across all cultures and peoples of the world.

 Our authors, including Zen and Justin (read more about them on the "Authors" page), devote their research to Truth, unaffiliated withinstitutional bias. And, we offer a variety of services for prospective authors. You can contact Zen at

As an online bookstore, SWP strives to provide the reader with multiple opinions on many diverse subjects. We also preserve ancient, esoteric texts, such as the Aramaic/Palestinian Targum. Our catalog of titles contains rightly-divining commentary on literatures of antiquity, Christian testimonies, anthologies of poetry, current events, and more.

Laurel Austin, our official photographer & "Wellness Writer," is a mom of 6 children. Her first four children are all vaccinated and all four of them are on the autism spectrum. Her younger two children have never been vaccinated and they are both "normal," typically developed children. They have been through genetic testing and all kinds of therapies and protocols that gave Laurel insight into vaccine injury and heavy metal toxicity. 

In addition to sharing what she has learned from this experience, Laurel also shares with others what she has learned about living a healthier lifestyle, including: cultured and fermented foods, her favorite being kombucha.

Laurel is a professional photographer, former sign language interpreter, and, she co-hosts with Zen Garcia twice a month on vaccine and health related issues.  You can follow Laurel on Twitter at:

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Joy Garcia joins our team, fulfilling many of our much needed roles which include: organizing and inventorying our products, accounting, editing and formatting books, contributing to our newsletters and many more "behind the scenes" roles.

Along with her husband, Justin, Joy travels and participates in many missions trips. We look forward to hearing more of their incredible experiences. You can follow them at Purpose Filled Travelers. 

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Dr. CJ Austin, (no relation to Laurel) retired from providing family therapy and university professorship; assists in care-taking family members. She discovered Zen's writings and is thrilled to spend early retirement assisting him, working behind the scenes. As a pseudo webmaster (still learning the art); Carol handles customer concerns, adds new products, author contracts, edits our newsletters, is editing Zen's out of print books, and turning his thousands of pages of answers into a user friendly "Q&A with Zen," etc.

While looking forward to publishing some of her own writing, CJ's hope is to bring encouragement to all truth seekers. You can contact her at:  

From our whole team: Our goal is to lovingly spread the Word of Truth, potentially revealing a new perspective on reality. We strive to open an avenue by which all individuals may share testimony through written form for fellow seekers
searching for hidden treasures underlying earth's greatest mysteries.

We pray you will be blessed in your quest for discerned Truth, in Yahushua's Name.